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Welcome to the Cross Trade!

We are excited to introduce the Cross Trade platform, which will bring a major change to the industry. The Cross Trade platform allows trading between investors when the markets are closed on weekends and holidays.


Would an investor like an opportunity to trade with another investor? And have a chance to fill their order without paying the extra fees to the market makers and exchanges? Would that investor at least like to know about this?

Cross Trade has built a trading platform based on the concept, that investors would like to see an order book shared with other online investors and have the ability to trade with them, directly and promptly.

Canadian Investors will have the opportunity to trade on the platform with a Canadian online Broker and may register here to be advised on who the Participating Broker will be.

American Investors may register here and will be informed of the Participating Broker.

All S&P 500 stocks are available for trading: Available Stocks

Cross Trade to expand into Asia.

Cross Trade has chosen West Corporation, as the preferred provider for Digital Communications with the primary goal to build awareness for and promote Cross Trade's new trading platform to both Global Stock Exchanges and the retail investment community. The objective is to highlight the platform’s capabilities designed to engage retail investors during “market-closed hours” (weekends), while delivering new investment opportunities via new Global Stock Exchanges. The secondary goal is to provide a trading platform alternative for institutional investors to make large trades during the weekend outside of normal business hours.

We will create a series of 3 brief videos designed to reach and appeal to the three (3) different target audience segments. The first two videos will include both rich media content (designed to demonstrate, schematically, the Cross Trade platform and how it works) and traditional video content about the Cross Trade platform and the advantages of working with the “only registered weekend trading platform” on the market. The third video will provide information about the release date of the platform, advantages of the platform for institutional investors and quick summary.

Beeks: Cross Trade Case in Point
WEST: Integrated Solutions

Latest News
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Cross Trade selects Beeks and Equinix

Cross Trade has chosen Beeks Financial Cloud and Equinix to Power it's new Trading Platform.

Cross Trade Case in Point
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Cross Trade selects West Corp

Cross Trade has chosen West Corporation, as the preferred provider for Digital Communications.

Integrated Solutions
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Cross Trade selects Zacks

Cross Trade has chosen Zacks Investment Research to represent the advertising sales function for their weekend trading platform.